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The tax is very important, is the top concern for businesses and individuals. Understand and apply the correct tax law into practice will help businesses and individuals avoid the risk:

-Tax losses when not in keep the documents issued by the State Agency.

-Business decisions are incorrect due to not being aware of the tax, the tax policy for the sector concerned.

-Irrespective of the type of eligible costs incurred in the process of production and business operations of the enterprise

In order to help businesses avoid the risk on, Global Links Asia with the platform are the knowledgeable consultant specialized in the field of tax, a tax accountant with extensive experience will provide service packages "tax consultant" conscious of the importance of tax law, Global Links Asia always catch, study the new regulations on taxes applicable to suit every business and individual in order to minimize tax costs.

Tax Advisory services that Global Links provides include:

1. Tax policy advice for business:

-Consultation procedure of the original tax records |

-Policy advice of value-added tax, corporate income tax for each business sector of the business.

-Policy advice incentives and tax exemptions of the business (if any)

-Advice on income, costs that affect the tax costs.

-Handling of special services to benefit of tax expenditures.

-Quick update the new regulations on taxes

-Exposition business representative data on taxes, accounting.

With an understanding of tax and the experience to handle matters related to tax Global Links believe about the satisfaction of customers using the services of "Tax Consultant"

Businesses can authorize Global Links perform the following operations:

-Declaration and payment of VAT, tax, personal income tax;

-Prepare complete proposal of VAT, tax exemptions;

-Prepare proposals enjoy incentives, tax exemptions, import tax in the case of investment promotion;

-Review and advise the eligible cost to be deducted for the calculation of taxable income

-Exposition, tax

-Other issues related to billing, tax vouchers.

2. policy advice for personal income tax:

Personal income tax is the top concern of everyone. In the development process, the personal income tax is increasingly becoming an important source of revenue for the State budget. Understand and apply the rules pit the needs of all the organizations and individuals.

Consulting services on personal income tax of Global Links supplied include:

-Consulting and tax law, individual income tax policy for organizations and individuals.

-Reduced earnings when calculating personal income tax.

-Counseling mode of individual income tax exemption under current rules.

-Establishment of personal income tax.

-File personal income tax refund.

3. service tax:

Tax to correctly identify your business tax obligations for the State. Each year, tax authorities will conduct inspection of tax inspection of the enterprise. To understand the business and more secure about his tax situation, Global Links will support enterprise customers through the work:

-Receiving records: invoices, vouchers, accounting books we have of your business.

-Review the reasonableness, of valid invoices are provided.

-Learn the process of business operations for the explanation fit when the tax agency requirements.

-The report identifies the issues outstanding flaws in invoice vouchers, accounting books and how to handle their business.

-Estimating the incurred when tax.

-Adjust the report was submitted to the tax authorities before deciding to tax.

-Business representatives, tax data presentation with tax authorities

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