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With the business, human resources, the level of skill is invaluable. Along with other resources, manpower is the key factor that helps enterprise sustainable development and forming the brand as well as the creation of high value in the market. Human care business is increasingly concerned with clear policies and value.

Subscribe to labour, social insurance registration for workers is mandatory policies of the State governing body. To help businesses implement state regulations on registration of labour and social insurance, Global Links make this service a professional and effective way, fast.

Global Links on behalf of businessmen resolve legal issues related to HEALTH INSURANCE, benefits of BHXH employees are assured and help for business peace of mind than to production according to the motto:

"Social security is the replacement warranty is offset income for workers when they are lost or reduced earnings due to sickness, maternity, occupational accident and occupational illness, disability, unemployment, old age, death of Saigon, on the basis of a financial fund due to the contributions of the parties involved BHXHthat State's protection under the law, in order to assure the livelihood of its employees and their families, at the same time contribute to social security "

Our services include:

1. register initial coverage:

-Registration and disclosure process in labour LĐTBXH

-Construction of the lift system payroll. register LĐTBXH room table ladders

-Registration of establishment of trade union premises (If eligible)

-Compare insurance complying., BHTN, ...

2. monthly service:

-Increase labour reduction procedure

-Compare insurance with relevant authorities

-Consulting costs salaries, insurance in line with corporate practice

-Records resolve the sickness, maternity

-Establish rules, collective labor agreement

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