Accounting and personnel services

Outsourcing of accounting personnel Global Links has just qualified, moderate weather business kệm costs.

1. rental of accounting personnel that ensure:

Customers are small and medium ENTERPRISES

Personnel costs are the big expenses of most businesses, it includes: recruitment costs, the cost of wages, the cost of compulsory insurance, the cost of training, and a variety of other expenses.

To minimize personnel costs accounting for enterprises that still ensures the quality of work, Global Links introduced HR rental services in accounting. The utility of this service include:

-Not the cost of recruiting, training, insurance.

-Control of accounting personnel costs to a reasonable level.

-No need to worry about the accounting change could affect the operation of the business.

-Personnel working with qualifications, experience, tailored to customers ' business operations.

-Always have the system control, closely monitor, detect errors and advice for business tax issues, accounting from the accounting services firm and tax consulting at Global Links.

-The accounting personnel are always updated policies on taxation and accounting. Ensure correct implementation, quick, timely business metrics and agency requirements.

-When the accounting personnel change by objectively or subjectively, Global Links will send replacement accountant without going on any disruption in the work of the business client.

-The accounting personnel will undertake communication and working with tax authorities, statistics when there are requirements for settlement as well as other reports as required by the relevant State bodies.

Only with a very reasonable expenses that business dropped off, Global Links trust here is a lucrative investments of the business through owning an accounting system with a team of dedicated, skilled personnel and is secured by a corporate accounting services and tax agents, legal activities, professional.

2. personnel recruitment services accounting:

Accounting is an important part of all enterprises are operating. The owner of the company with a knowledgeable accountant law, conscientious, and workers will create conditions for business peace of mind to produce business.

Accounting personnel Global Links employment and give businesses through:

1. The Employment interview professional ethics.

2. the interview about the profession, work skills.

3. training of accounting auditing by the universities, professional courses at the prestigious Center and is the Guide and training at Global Links.

4. personnel records are monitors through the ages, the candidate has assumed.

Services and the steps to be performed:

1. Global Link will provide services such as search, selection, appraisal and evaluation of candidates for the position of accounting that You request the company through data banks, information on the network, the Global Communications Links.

2. recruitment project began when Global Links has looked into your company's needs through telephone exchanges, meetings or Board job description of each position accounting vacancies.

3. interview process of Global Links: after identifying the potential candidates, Global Link will schedule interviews to identify the skills, knowledge, education in line with the accounting position vacancies of your company.

4. Global Links will send detailed resumes of applicants, comment on the skills, knowledge and experience of candidates to your company at the latest within a 02 weeks from receipt of order. Your company is committed to respond to the Global Links of results interviews over the past week since the 1st day Global Links submitted a list of candidates for your company.

5. Global Links will support the reference information of the candidate (if required by your company), negotiating salary and benefits until the candidate agreed to take a job.

Please contact us for the best service for accounting personnel is needed.


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