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Global Links Asia to provide accounting services package for the business.

1. Accounting services package:

To have an experienced accounting professionals, capacity implementation issues related to vouchers, bookkeeping, tax declaration ... is not the company would also have to be. Understand the problems that Global Link, please give our customer service package for all types of businesses.

The content perform accounting services package for businesses include:

- Registered entity records the original tax with the tax authorities when business gets new business registration certificate or when changing business license

- Procedures for registering invoices, print invoices and consultant sign up digital signatures for tax declaration electronically.

- Use of accounting software to the accounting standards of the Ministry of finance regulations.

- Create and print accounting, the accounting voucher in accordance with the form prescribed by the Ministry of finance.

- Organize recordkeeping, accounting.

- Perfect the VAT refund documents.

- On behalf of the COMPANIES working with tax authorities, statistical agencies, ...

- Business support records bank loans.

- Stand titles accounting business.

- Consultation of labour, the cost of wages, the cost of compulsory insurance for business

- Consulting about revenues, costs in line with your business activities

- Explanation of metrics, providing material for the tax authorities upon finalization.

- Registration code of personal income tax for the employees.

- Prepare and submit reports of tax authorities correct the allotted time: month, quarter, year, corporate income tax.

The tax report is created and filed include:

• Value added tax report monthly/quarterly

• Report on the use of value-added invoices and other vouchers.

• Interim report corporate income tax quarterly

• Personal income tax returns on a monthly/quarterly

• Tax subcontractors when there arises

• Financial reporting and corporate income tax and personal income tax every year.

• The tax article subjects (if there is a change in the capital, branch, location of business).

Accounting services package for the Global Business Links with many advantages such as cost savings, accounting information reported accurate, timely and has a team of experienced employees in accounting, work devotion, always eager to offer the best thing for the customer and will meet your needs.

2. Improve bookkeeping:

Businesses have not done the system accounting or accounting books are unclear, incomplete, reliability is lower for some reason. This will lead to:

- Tax authorities fined and fixing the tax when the tax authorities exercise control.

- Do not have the right information to make a decision accordingly.

With perfect services accounting, Global Links will perform specific tasks like the following:

- Receiving records: invoices, vouchers, accounting books out there (if any) of the business.

- Review the reasonableness, of valid invoices are provided.

- Learn the process of enterprise activity

- Redo the accounting books quickly and accurately.

- The report identifies the issues outstanding flaws in invoices and how to handle their business.

- In the accounting books, accounting documents as required.

- How do the records of financial statements and tax regulators filed tax authorities manage before tax

- Explanation, demonstration of tax with the tax authorities.

Global Links Asia will help clients in the completion of bookkeeping again before the present time, remedial about the books. Our easy troubleshooting was all the difficulties of accounting records of customers in a short time, sufficient to ensure complete data provided to the tax authorities when inspection and timely submission of financial reports dating back to the end of the current accounting year.

With a complete accounting of Global Links, customers will have more time to focus on its business operations as we will on behalf of the client to solve all the difficulties and problems with the tax authorities arising during the work and entirely responsible if the violations.

We are looking forward to opportunities to partner with you as well as your company. Please give us a call or an email for advice on any matters related to accounting.

Global Links Asia

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Viet Nam office: Nguyen Van Troi Street, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Singapore office: 350 Orchard Road #11-08, Shaw House, Singapore 238868

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