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Vietnam is one of the best attractive foreign investment market. Establishment an export – import company in Vietnam is forecast to have great potential, which is considered as the top prior decisions of many foreign enterprises.

According to Fitch - an international credit rating, Vietnam is ranked as one of the most favorable countries with medium-term potential growth in Asia. With the advantage of a 90-million-people market with the developing and intergarting economy, the capital source of foreign direct investment into Vietnam has increased 4 times in the last decade, the current is more than $8 billion.

Moreover, Vietnam has signed and acceded many free-trade agreements, Transfer Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) and the upcoming ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). In this situation, exportation will be the one of the sectors that has potential growth in this market, and establishing a company in this industry in Vietnam has been concerned by many foreign investors. 

The following article of Global Links Asia will give somes advises and related documents for the firms intending to establish export- import company in Vietnam.








1. Legal basis




  • Enterprises Law 2005.
  • Investment Law 2005.
  • Decree No.108/ 2006/ND-CP detailing and guiding the implementation of a number of articles of the Investment Law.
  • Commitment to join into WTO of Vietnam.

2. Conditions




2.1. Export – import goods 

Conditions for a foreign-invested enterprise to be granted a permit for dealing in goods purchase and sale activities or goods purchase and sale related activities in Vietnam include:

2.2. Management consulting
According to Law investment issued on 29/11/2005 and Pursuant to World Trade Organization (WTO) and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and WTO's Vietnam is a member issued on 01/01/2007, from the date of WTO accession as provisions:
Based on above provision: Investors can set up one hundred percent (100) foreign own capital for management consulting services.

2.3. Conditions in practice (according to our experiences):
- Minimum charter capital: 100,000 – 200,000 USD.
- Parent company (which was set up at least 1year before the day submit)

3. Dossiers




Legal Documents need to be prepared for setting up new company:





Corporate Certificate of Parent Company

Legalized by the Consulate of Vietnam and translated into Vietnamese


Charter of Parent Company

Legalized by the Consulate of Vietnam and translated into Vietnamese


Audited Financial Report of the latest years

Legalized by the Consulate of Vietnam and translated into Vietnamese


Certificate of Bank Balance (the balance has to equivalent to the amount will invest in the company in Vietnam)

Original (with currency in U.S dollars)


Passport of the Legal Representative of Parent Company                  

Legalized by the Consulate of Vietnam


Passport of the Legal Representative of the Company in Vietnam    

Legalized by the Consulate of Vietnam


Office lease Contract of the Company in Vietnam                             

Notarized Contract


Documents that prove the experience of the Parent Company, and in retail:

Photos and information (as detailed as possible) of the exports and import for sell in Vietnam.

Experienced on implementing business of Parent company in its own country and in other countries

(company profile)

Contracts or orders of customers in Vietnam (about 3 of each) and management consultant contract (3 of each).

Business Process from the period of exporting and importing to the period of selling goods to end user.

Provide as much as possible, with color printing papers.





We shall support you these entire following file:

  • To draft the various documents, check documents, etc. to ensure that they are both consistent with approval requirements of the competent authorities of granting a business permit, modification of a business permit regarding goods purchase and sale activities or goods purchase and sale related activities of foreign - invested enterprises in Vietnam; management consultant services.
  • Representative of The Client submits the dossier of granting a business permit, modification of a business permit, application for setting up a retail establishment at authorized state Government agency.
  • To act on behalf of client in contacting with Vietnamese relevant competent authorities for completing the legal procedures in order to establish an Enterprise operating in Vietnam.
  • To access to authorized state government agency to reduce business permit grant time;


  • The time for preparing the dossier is at most 10 working days, in some special cases, it can be reduced;
  • The time for proceeding for granting a business permit, modification of a business permit is from 60 to 70 working days after receiving fully appropriate information of enterprise



To get the right advise from our professional consultants, do not hesitate to contact:

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